Ladies and Gentlemen:

       I am extremely glad to greet you on the website pages of the oldest electric transport operator of Belarus. The employees of our company have  been serving citizens and guests of our ancient  Vitebsk city  for more than  115 years.
      You can find a great deal of interesting and useful information on the pages of our website, for example, you can acquaint yourselves with the history of our company, its structure, main aims and tasks, company’s news, also Vitebsk city and transport route maps as well as the description of the routes can be useful for you. Besides, visitors of our website can find all necessary information on the current and perspective development plans of our company and ways of its realization.
      Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to know how the company operates, what events take place in the life of company, what occurs in the city transport itineraries.
But the most important is we will have the great opportunity for continuous communicating, discussing the questions that concern our customers, the guests of our city and all visitors of our website.
      I hope our dialog will be constructive and will help us to understand deeper the problems of urban electric transport operating, to find the ways of problem solutions for the purpose of improvement of transport functioning and quality of provided transport services.  

Yours sincerely,
Chief executive officer
Vasiliy Pavluchkov
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